Open Rhodes has a flexible approach, which delivers an effective service aimed at reducing your overheads. Some consultancies will offer opportunity analyses at no cost, believing it will bring more business in the long-term. We disagree. Our relationships and services are built on trust and value, and because our opportunity analyses are as thorough as everything else we do, we’re confident the insight they deliver will add value. This isn’t being arrogant, simply honest and transparent about the work we do from the very start.

We offer a quality service at a quality price generating an efficient procurement process. Our services comprise three key areas:

Open Procurement
As a third-party consultant we will identify and analyse your company’s procurement process and recommend key areas of improvement.

Our aim is to streamline your procurement process for you to undertake and implement into your organisation to be more effective and therefore saving you hundreds if not thousands of pounds.
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Open Outsourcing

Ideal for companies who want an unbiased but trusted procurement team without increasing their head count.

Open Rhodes will deliver cost-effective and transparent outsourcing services.
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Open Supplychain

Many organisations have found that they must rely on effective supply chains, or networks in the market place worldwide or in a networked economy.

Business relationships have extended beyond traditional enterprise relationships which now requires business processes to deliver a value chain of multiple companies. Open Rhodes will assist by identifying key partners and growth opportunities.
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