Open Supply Chain

Many organisations have increasingly found that they must rely on effective supply chains, or networks in the market place worldwide or in a networked economy. Business relationships have extended beyond traditional enterprise relationships which now requires business processes to deliver a value chain of multiple companies. Open Rhodes will assist by identifying key partners and growth opportunities.

Supplier management programs are focused on the below areas:
1: Ensure new supply chain deliver to the tender expectation and the benefits for your change manifest from the 1st day of your new relationship.
2: Develop underperforming supply chain to the expected levels of, quality, delivery and innovation within you business to your needs.
3: Create clear developmental frameworks for existing supplier to unlock their maximum potential and the added value within your organisation.
4: keep your supplier focused to the support and service quality to require in-order to maintain and grow your business.
Contract management systematically and efficiently manages to supplier contract creation, execution, and analysis for the purpose of maximising financial and operational performance and minimising your business risk.
This involves the identification, assessment, and prioritisation of financial, operational or reputational risks within your structure, across all areas of your company. The review is followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimise, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of events and mitigate the financial or reputational damage of process failure. Risk Modelling’s objective is to assure uncertainty does not deviate the endeavour of your business goals.
Open Procurement

As a third-party consultant we will identify and analyse your company’s procurement process and recommend key areas of improvement.

Our aim is to streamline your procurement process for you to undertake and implement into your organisation to be more effective and therefore saving you hundreds if not thousands of pounds.
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Open Outsourcing

Ideal for companies who want an unbiased but trusted procurement manager without increasing their head count. Optimising on our knowledge and processes created through years of experience acting in a procurement role.

Open Rhodes will deliver cost-effective and transparent outsourcing services.
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