Open Procurement

As a third-party consultant we will identify and analyse your company’s procurement process and recommend key areas of improvement. Our aim, through Open Consulting, is to streamline your procurement process for you to implement into your organisation to be more effective and therefore saving you thousands of pounds.

Procurement Services:

Spend evaluations will provide a fully evolved insight into the companies expenditure allowing trends to be identified and enabling Open Rhodes to highlight and review areas for change.

We can review all your processes and then look to streamline them ensuring you are getting the most from your business.

In order to build up an accurate picture of your business, Open Rhodes will complete an in-depth audit and begin to build a strategy that will work for you. Using our relationships and experience with suppliers we can then look at negotiating better prices and quality for you.

1: The ability to classify your spend data to company sourcing categories relevant to your business, with flexibility for ongoing changes within your business direction or specific market conditions.

2: The ability to isolate spend categories as separate knowledge bases unto themselves, incorporating additional supplier, item, and market data to ensure the ability to spot ineffectual expenditure quickly.
3: The ability to channel and refresh organisational spend data to the specific a sourcing category on a regular basis, this is focused on driving ongoing measurements and spend management capabilities.
Open Outsourcing

Ideal for companies who want an unbiased but trusted procurement manager without increasing their head count. Optimising on our knowledge and processes created through years of experience acting in a procurement role.

Open Rhodes will deliver cost-effective and transparent outsourcing services.
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Open Supplychain

Many organisations have increasingly found that they must rely on effective supply chains, or networks in the market place worldwide or in a networked economy.

Business relationships have extended beyond traditional enterprise relationships which now requires business processes to deliver a value chain of multiple companies. Open Rhodes will assist by identifying key partners and growth opportunities.
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