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Development, Development, Development…

Group FD Simon Breen commissioned a review into the development of the clarity of the information we provide and the security with which these details are sent. Pinnacle engaged the services of procurement consultant Lee Rhodes, Managing Director of Open Rhodes, to evaluate current process, identify market developments and implement leading technology to enhance what is becoming a very sensitive area in the industry.

The Results…

Lee’s background combined with the expert knowledge of our operations team delivered a brand new layout of each contractors pay information and, in compliance with IS27001 data protection requirements, optimised the safe delivery of every payslip.  This further illustrates our commitment to protecting our customer data and the market leading service we deliver.

The new layout means that it is now easier for our contractors to understand their gross pay and identify where the appropriate deductions have been made. They are also able to match the net pay figure with the amount paid into their account and reduced our annual budget in this area by over 35% and also provided an additional channel to market our clients.

Moving away from standard pressure seal payslips, we now send out the new format payslip, delivered to the contractors home address. The new style payslips have been in circulation for the last month and since the change, we have had nothing but positive feedback from our contractors and have seen a reduction in the number of incoming queries about pay information.


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